Lemonkings Entertainment/Management is an original curator, scouter, collector, refiner, and promoter of unique African contents/talents. As a colony of creatives, we leverage our strengths to create an inexhaustible stream of awesome experiences, therefore carving a niche for ourselves in Artist management, Event management, Brand management, Brand Promotion, and Pageantry.

Situated at the epicentre of talent, content, live events and promotion, we have continued to create numerous opportunities for content creators, iconic figures and enterprises across Africa who are consistently driving change, making impact and pioneering innovation.
Across the world of entertainment, we are committed to a lifestyle of excellent and superior service to our clients. Driven by an unquenchable passion for media and entertainment, we have, since our founding in 2014, been at the forefront of scouting, curating, collecting, refining and promoting some of Africa’s phenomenal talent: birthing them into the limelight and creating enabling environments for talents to thrive.

Drawing from a pool of seasoned professionals, our resource base offers a wide range of services which includes Artist management, Event management, brand promotions, and Pageantries. Thus positioning us as the most sought after entertainment management agency across Africa.

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